Spermatology and Andrology

Spermatology Andrology

The spermatology and andrology team investigates new analysis techniques for sperm cells of different species as well as improved media and technologies for semen preservation, both in liquid and frozen semen.

Current projects are concerned with fluorescent markers, proving the integrity and functioning of certain sperm organelles (acrosome, DNA, mitochondria). Also, new devices, which will allow quick and easy examination of various sperm functions in the production laboratory are developed by the spermatology and andrology team.

AndroVision® is a highly precise CASA system for standardised, interactive semen analysis. It has been developed under the auspices of Minitube CASA specialist Jochen Kirchner. AndroVision® not only provides the classic automated motility and concentration analysis, but also features the options of various fluorescence-based sperm functionality assays and an interactive, self learning morphology and morphometry module. It represents the next generation of CASA.

Jochen Kirchner has been working for Minitube for many years and serves customers throughout the world in all matters concerning CASA systems. He carries out development work in this field, and is known as a specialist in lab automation and semen analysis technologies.


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