Minitub do Brasil



Minitub do Brasil is located in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and was created in 1997. Minitub do Brasil serves customers in all country, with a complete line of products for artificial insemination in cattle, pigs, dogs, horses, small ruminants and embryo transfer.

Administered by Alexander N. Marchetti, Veterinarian MsC in Swine Reproduction, the team of Minitub do Brasil has a technical department with veterinarians. We also have a trained sales staff to deal with customers from all areas of animal reproduction.

Besides a complete line of products, Minitub do Brasil provides technical support for projects to boar studs and also provides services and technical assistance for clients in animal reproduction. Minitub do Brasil is a member of Minitube International.

Minitub do Brasil Ltda.
Av. Maranhão, 590 
Bairro São Geraldo 
90230.040 Porto Alegre - RS 
Phone: +55 51 3222 78 76
Fax: +55 51 3346 43 79